Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the sum up of all :)

in this last entry, i will reflects on my journey while i am sailing through this PBEY 3102. ENJOY reading !

What do you like about blogging?

First of all, I like reading other people’s blogs and this has created an interest within me to create my own blog. I do have my own blog other than this and it was created not very long ago, before I enter this class. Hence, when Mdm. Foziah told us that we need to create a blog to pour any feelings and reflects on the class, I was quite excited to hear it. I never thought that blogging will become parts of my learning platform and was actually another coursework which I collect marks from it.

Blogging offers us many benefits and I like the features that it provides us place to pour out feelings or reflects on anything we see, hear, think, talk and even receive! This is also platform where we can share what we have with each others. I came across many blogs before and there is one thing that I found COMMON in every blog, they tell things from their own perspectives and what’s the differences is the way the tell the story ~ some people use a really witty and sarcastic way while some are comfortable to be direct to the point. Well, this is the thing which I like most about blogging. It’s authenticity where we got to tell others what we feel from our own perspectives!

When I reread what I had wrote in my last entries, I can see the development of learning and this really gives me the insight to do well in my learning, so that i will be able to develop more and more each days.

Besides that, blog also provide us the opportunity to decorate our own blog according to our preferences. There are many funky and beautiful decoration can be found in the net besides other application which is really exciting such as we can share our songs online, pictures, updates on ourselves and lots more!!

What you do not like about blogging?

Although blogs provides us with many interesting features, but I guess, it is not as friendly as Windows Live do. I found out that I face difficulties when I want to put pictures or even video songs in it. It was quite a frustrating experience to see my entries gone when I mistakenly press wrong key. Oh! This really upset me very much.

To be able to sign in to, we need internet connection. Hence, when there is no connection available, and we got so many things to tell and do in the blog, it has really pushed me to the maximum. This is one thing that we cannot afford to do unless if we have superpowers that can make it work although without internet connection.

Besides that, it was quite tedious for us to check on our friends updates unless we have their blog address. But, problems will occur when we do not have the address since we won’t be able to know or read the updates on their blog. as i said earlier, blog was not really friendly in the sense that it does not really connect us with each other unlike other social networking application such as Facebook, twitter and Friendster.

What have you gained from blogging? eg. Language skills, improved fluency, critical thinking, improved thought processes, technology skills etc.

I realized that I gained a lot from blogging! I was able to improve my language especially my writing skills besides sharpen my critical justifications as well as creative thinking. Besides that, not to forget, my technology skills too.

As we need to write an entry each week regarding the class we attend, indirectly it helps me to write better and better from days to days. This is because I will be able to learn new words besides have to think on what to write each week. i need to always organize all the knowledge i get and since i need to do it weekly, hence when it comes to write it was like a breeze where i don’t need much time on thinking what to write for each post. i just simply open my blog and start to pour all the knowledge i learn and know. Besides that, i also need to really understanding each topic thoroughly so that I will be able to write my reflections on each class I attended.

Moreover, i also get the chance to sharpen my critical judgment and justifications since i will be able to see other people’s view on certain things. This gives me opportunity to see thing differently and from other people’s shoe. So, it teaches me to be open to any opinion regarding certain things.

In terms of creative thinking skills, I am able to decorate my own pages with my own preferences; hence it does improve my creative skills since I need to decorate it as beautiful as I can so as to attract other peoples to read it.

What do you like about this course?

One thing that i find very interesting about this course is that it gives me chances to learn about different software used to edit audio and video and even teach me on how to make my own movies using various softwares. I also learn on how to edit pictures and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it very much.

i know that i am not very good in using internet, hence by learning this course, i get to know things i do not know before such as how to download videos, extracting files and even how to upload videos! heh~ i guess, there’s a lot of things that I’m ignorant before so by involving in this course, it has really gives me something!

Another thing that I like was the video making process. I do not sleep just to make sure I really satisfied with the product. at last, it turned out to be quite well and i am proud to say that i am able to create my own video now! hehe :P .No matter what it is, I really ENJOY learning this course!

What you do not like about this course?

i would say the workloads. i find it quite too much since we are not only taking this subject for this semester, but we also have other subjects to be covered too. It is quite stressful to always have to complete and do things which would not really benefit us at the end. i know that the portfolio given is to make us to be well versed in those skills but sometimes it did not really show us the skills that we need to master.

What have you learnt from this course?

There are lots of things that i find very beneficial and can bring this knowledge when i am out for teaching later. This course really helps me in preparing me as a future teacher in terms of using and developing resources and technology in the classroom. i get to learn on how to develop teaching aids using various sources such as videos, audios, flash cards and even e-book. Besides that, i also can brush up my skills in using internet as well as learn new things. if before this i did not really know on how to upload videos or extract files from the net, but now, i am proud to tell that all those things are at my fingertips! :P this knowledge is like a treasure for me to be applied later.

What have you learnt from this course that you did not expect to?

at first i thought that i will only learn about how to integrate and use technology in classroom which is quite similar to one of subjects that i am taking this semester. but, it turns out to be really different and i am very grateful that i have this opportunity to have learn this much. i think, if it is not this course that i am learning from, i would still be be using the hand made teaching aids besides will still afraid when it comes to technological world. i do admit that some of the software being introduced in this subject is like an ALIEN for me but now, i guess i am able to name and even use them on my own.

What have you expected but do not learn from this course?

the software that has been introduce to us did not really serve its purpose since we did not being taught on how to use it. we also have to discover them on our own which i find it quite tedious and difficult. i also did not expect that we will be applying the hands-on methodology to the maximum since most of the work done in the class requires us to do and experience on our own.

If you can change anything about this course, state what is and elaborate?

i would say the way we are being evaluated where some of the work done is not being given marks and some of us think that it is such a waste where we already give our very best in doing it. besides that, i think it is better if we stay in the same group since some of us already comfortable with each other’s style of working and having to rotate group will give us problems.

On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate your computing and technological skills for both before and after undergoing the course.

i would say before undergoing the course, my computing and technological skills is only 5 but now, after undergo the course, my skill might be improved to 8.

until then,

that's all for now


salam and bye bye bye to all,
lecturer, Mdm Foziah and
not to forget,

PBEY 3102

good luck to all :)


week 14 has arrived, finally!

Salam and hi to all,

this would be my last class for the semester specifically for this resources class. i bet i will surely misses Mdm Foziah very much and not to forget, to listen to her story :P

and with the arrival of week 14, it told us that exam is coming and that we need to study and study and study and study! i am not ready to face the exam yet and i guess now it’s time for me to enjoy my last class first before i locked myself up with all the books and lecture notes for the exam.

as this is our last class, many people did not really turned up making the class seems so small with very few students. but, i guess this was the best class since we got to listen to Mdm Foziah’s precious experiences while she was studying overseas. she told us all her experiences in travelling around the world which makes me very jealous of her [ jealousy in a sense that it is a positive thing]. the story told really made me up and it is like a “spark” which boost my spirit to study hard so that, one day, i will also be able to get the opportunity like this. i really really wanted to feel how life was in the other side of the world and i guess, i have a very long way to go!

being able to experience new things, live in new environment, getting to try out some funny and crazy things, making new friends and even broaden my mind and knowledge, who on earth will say “NO” to chances like this, and i hope that one day, May HE grant me to go there to achieve my childhood dreams. INSYAALLAH.
besides that, we also having a short discussion on our very last assignment which is the lesson plan. as there were many confusions arise throughout the way, she then clarify to us things she want us to put in the assignment together with some explanation on terms used in the LP she gave us. it was a whole new experience for me since the lesson plan that we do now is quite different if we ware to compare it with the one in college.

Lesson Plan is one of the most important things which teacher like us need to have and know and be well versed in it. this is because LESSON PLAN is the plan which will determine on how we are going to conduct our class on that particular day. it contains details on what topic to be taught to the students, the activities, time frame and even what resources will be used in that teaching and learning period. It is very important for us teachers to carry out thelesson in the classroom based n what is being planned and arranged so that we won’t missed out any important things that should be taught and given to the students.

And i guess, here comes the best part of all! Mdm Foziah had also discussed with us some of the important tips for the examination. She asked us to focus on certain topics that might come out in the examination later. Last but not least, she gave us advices to study hard so that we could achieve what we want later.

On a final note, i think we had successfully ended this class with satisfaction. and after 14 weeks of turmoil and challenges, i guess we can now smile widely and pat on our shoulder for successfully completing this journey through PBEY 3102!

I think that is all for this entry. Till we meet again in my last entry and till then,


astalavista babe!

salam and BYEEE ~

week 13: it's nearing to an END :(

salam and hi to all,

Actually we need to submit our assignment 2 which is the teaching aids, but she has agreed to extend it to the other date, and this made us relieved since we have not finished completing them yet. she also asked us to add in more teaching aids we know so that indirectly, it help to expose us to different kinds of teaching aids which can be used in class later. so, i would like to THANK Mdm Foziah ver much since she was able to understand our situation. THANK YOU MADAM! :)

Furthermore, there were many things lacking in our assignment and teaching aids collection since we only provide an example of teaching aids for each type. So, if we want to get better results and grades, we should vary the teaching aids for each type so as to benefit studnets to the maximum.

We were being introduced with another application which is Microsoft Publisher which generates things such as brochures, flyers, cards, advertisement and so on and so forth. These are some of the things that we need to put in our portfolio for assignment 2. There are many things which can be done by using this software and they are all very good and useful for us when we want to produce various teaching aids later.

We also discuss and set the date for our upcoming test and it was agreed to be held on the 28 October 2009. HUH! time really flies very fast and it is like a blink of an eye, i feel like it was only yesterday when we enter UM and now, this semester has come to its end already. i guess with all the workloads and tests, it “help” to add on to our misery and suffer and not to forget, TENSE! =.=;

In a nutshell, that’s all for now and i guess, i need to speed now since i’ve got so many things to do and if i was to delay it again, i’ll be left behind by my friends!

pen off and till then,

salam and bye bye bye


Salam and hi to all

Its 12th week now and i have to admit that time flies really fast! Without i realize it, it has been 12 week since i step my foot in UM and i have to agree that i do get different experiences here if compared to college. This new learning environment has never failed to make me wants to explore and learn more and more, day by day.

This was quite a nice week since we need to submit the video done today! YEAY! At last, the awaited moment has arrived. i can’t seem to be patient anymore since all the hard work will hopefully be paid off now ^_^

We also had uploaded all our video in the group’s YouTube Channel where other people will be able to have access to them too. After waited for Mdm Foziah to enter the class, as usual, we carried out our own activity while some people are busy altering their videos and the tutorials. HUH! i guess, i can now breathe with all my heart since i know that we had gave our very best in this video making process. THANKS TO NAEM for being my video partner, he’s done a great job and i’m looking forward to work with him later ^_^ v

i also would like to THANK all my cohort mates~ fiera, hakim, shikin, nine, idzy, syah, alif, tina, fendy, shima, choo, yati and all cohort 4 for making our video a success. and to those extra actors and actresses whom helped us a lot, don’t worry because sooner or later, there’ll be someone from the production house will call you to go for audition :P

it was very enjoyable and exciting to get to watch each other’s video together in the class. of course there are critiques or comments or praise from our friends, but i guess we need to take it positively and regard that as part of learning process. from what i watched that day, i know that most of my friends do have hidden talent and they are just too shy to show it to us! and i have to admit here that THEY’VE DONE GREAT JOB!

This learning experience will surely help us later when we are out for teaching practice or become a real teacher. There are lots of things that can be done by using this new knowledge i get and that e should always practice it with the students. it is a skill which need to be learn by heart and not something which always bothering us later.

i think, i’ve babbled too much here,

till then

salam and bye bye bye

till we meet again in my next post ^_^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


salam and hi to all,

raya was just finished and now, back to normal life again!
but, i guess the happiness from the celebration was still within us since there are some of our friends who bring and sharing along their “kuih raya” with the others. it was a F-U-N and enjoyable experience since this allows us to get to know each other’s story during the celebration.

in this week 11, we had to combine with the Tuesday group since Puan Foziah is not really well. due to her condition, she required us to present the article been assigned to us before and i think, all groups had did their very best in disseminating and sharing new knowledge they get from the article.

in fact, i found out that these articles were very good to expose us, the new future teachers to the reality of students in school; their nature, skills need to be learnt and enhanced and etc. my group had chosen the article entitled “The Use of Technology in English Language Learning”. the article briefly told us about the importance of 4 most basic and essential skills needed to be mastered by the students which are reading, writing, speaking and listening.

it is important for teachers to take note that we need to involve all the 4 skills to improve and train the students so that they won’t be left behind by the other friends. These 4 skills is also important in giving platform for the students to learn English in an easy way.

i think it is good that mdm foziah asked us to present our article so that we did not get any misunderstanding about it. we know that we are different so the way we think is also different, hence there are tendency for us to have different views on certain things. through this presentation, any misunderstanding will be cleared off and clarify, so this is one of the good way in teaching and learning- discussion and brainstorming.

we had also discussed about the assignment that we need to send just about after that. the assignment is about producing teaching aids such as flash cards, video clips, audio clips and etc. as there were some confusion regarding the assignment as we did not aware that assignment 2 need to be sent in week 12 together with the video production.

however, as everyone was present on that day, thus we take the opportunity to discuss and solve all confusion arise so that we are clear on what should we do and be alert on the due date.
i must praise some of us that they took the responsibility to be in charge in handling the discussion since there were quite a mess among all of us. so, KUDOS to them! ^_^

i think that’s all for this week. i am very glad since i am clearer on what should i do and that the workloads is reducing from day to day and one thing that i learn most is

till then,
salam and bye bye bye bye
till we meet in my next entry! :)

of raya mood and producing video

salam and hi to all,

the “raya” spirit is very high now that most of us has already went back home and there are only few peoples left in the class. they all went back home so that they could spend time with their family besides preparing for the BIG day. sadly, i was still here, the need to attend classes still buggering me with the responsibility to hold as student.

as the class looked empty, hence not much things were done except for the discussion for the video which we were required to do with our partner. me and name has agreed to change the topic to “WHAT’S UM TO YOU” since we thought that this topic is interesting and exciting rather than our previous topic. we had to change and start all over again, but i guess, this is not a problem for us since we ourselves willing to do it.

besides collecting materials and ideas for our very own video, we also brainstorm the idea a bit so that we can come out with a good one. naem reminded me not to forget to show our new draft to mdm foziah so that we could listen to her opinion. it was very important since her permission will determine where our video project would go ^_^

after we showed her our latest draft, she agreed and we felt very happy about it, she then decided to let us go back early at 11.30 am. we was very happy since some of us will go back to our hometown on that very evening.
before that, i want to wish all
i think that's all for now

till then,
salam and bye bye bye

Thursday, October 15, 2009

it's video time! ^_^

salam and hi to all,

this is the 9th week and we still in Ramadhan mode. Raya is nearing and i can't wait for it to come. but, before that, need to settle down all my work here.

ok, enough about that. let us look on what we have done this time since it's a new week for us. before she started the class that day, at first, Mdm Poziah showed us various videos about Chun and Ella (her favourite Taiwanese actir and actress :P) and other interesting videos produced by her own friends and our senior from Cohort 3. they are very interesting and fun to be watched since they covered not only about education, but motivational spirit and interesting messages as well.

so, based on the video showed to us, she said that we need to create a video and we are free to use any subjects or topics as long as it does not go overboard and touches on sensitive issues. heh~ I AM VERY HAPPY upon hearing that we are going to produce a video according to our preferences ^_^

and for this particular task, we are required to do it in pair where i should be of a boy and a girl. why? so that the idea is wider and we could see from each other's perspectives so as to produce a good video! and i choose to pair with Naem. i haven't work with him yet, so i guess this would be a good chance for me to try.

she gave us time to discuss on the ideas on what we are going to do in our video and later, we need to show the draft to her for permission. at first, i need to admit that both of us, Naem and I were quite excited with the idea of producing video until we are a bit too imaginative at that time and wanted to do many impossible things. so, we scribbled down all our thoughts on the paper before show them to her. but, it struck to us that we couldn’t find a very interesting which could captivate other’s attention. so, we agreed that we show the idea to her first before make any decisions on it.

she gave us directions on how to create the story line and it help us to see better since we now have target on how to do the video. and after some consultations, she agreed with our idea and decide to give it a YES! i was very happy with it and i guess, one part is done and what’s left is the collecting of materials and producing them.

i guess, that’s all for now, and i will tell you later on what we are planning to do in our video.
till then, pen off and

salam and bye bye bye ! ^_^

Sunday, September 6, 2009


salam and hi to all,

today i just want to share a poem which is really close to me. hope you all enjoy reading it!
by the way, read between the lines then you can understand the meaning of it ^_^
There’s so much no one knows,
So much that no one sees,
About the way I feel inside
my thoughts and all my needs.

Maybe it’s that they don’t look,
Or the fact that I don’t show,
Either way, there are things inside
that no one seems to know.

I want to show the world,
I want everyone to see,
All the thoughts and the ideas that flow inside me,
Maybe you haven’t noticed or maybe you don’t dare
To find out who I am, to show me that you care.

I’m screaming on the inside,
A smile is what you see,
But I’m not content with the person I seem to be.

There’s a different person on the inside,
That I can’t seem to show,
But maybe if you took mine, that person you could know.

Friday, August 28, 2009

audio editing :)

salam and hi to all,

we meet again! and this time, it's RAMADHAN people! hehe..the feeling was quite different during this holy month and i should say that, everyone is competing with each other to do good deeds ...after all, it's holy month and this is the time for us to collect provision for hereafter ^_^

ok, enough about that. today, pn foziah did not seems very active as she does before and she told us to finish our own work before she started off with her lecture as she wanted to take a rest for a while...and i'm a happily blog-hoppers :)

the topic for today was quite interesting since it was related with songs! i'm sure everyone likes music and songs, aite? WE ALL DO ^_^
so, today we were taught to edit the audio in terms of noise, songs, instrumental music, talks and etc. and enhance it so that it will turn out to be superb! if we were creative enough, we are able to create a nice song and i'll try to make one =)

there are many softwares that can be used to edit audio such as Audacity, Sony SoundForge and even Movie Maker! some of these softwares are really fun since we can freely edit our own songs or sound files just how we want it to be! as we are future teachers who will be teaching 21st century kids later, we have to be really prepared so that we are able to deal with their needs and the upcoming challenges. hence, learning how to edit audio is one of the skills that we should have so that we are able to come up with our own songs or edit audio according to what we are planning to teach on that particular day.

on a final note, what we are learning now is to prepare us for the teaching tomorrow!
till then,

salam and bye bye bye ^_^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramadhan menjelma lagi :)

salam and hi to all,

today is the 6th day of fasting for Muslim all around the world and i'm very happy to admit that I AM A MUSLIM and I'M DOING WHAT MY RELIGION ASKED ME TO DO (HAPPILY)..
hehehe...sounds mcm arrogant skit kan? takpe..tak salah kalau saya nk menunjukkan kebanggaan saya tentang agama saya :) well, i'm sure anybody else are too..

oklah..this time nak lari sikit dari tulis reflection pasal kelas resources ni..heheh...sorry ma'am..just want to rant and shra something here...kan SHARING IS CARING ^^

masa berlalu dengan sangat2 cepat dan sedar tak sedar dah tiba semula Ramadhan yang telah setahun ditinggalkan...huh! time's flies very very very fast that now i just realized how many times have i been using recklessly! and i've done nothing good yet... this time is what we call "akhir zaman" so i guess "the call" is nearer and yet i do not have enough provision to be brought along simple words, i do not have any "guarantor" yet[read between the lines, k :)]

Ramadhan is a holy month where this is the time which all the devils or satans will be tied and what's left is only angels..and this is the time where we are supposed to start to collect good deeds. i dont know whether i will be able to experience the coming Ramadhan or not..things can happened and we just pray for the best :) so, start to sow the seeds and collect fruits folk!

i think i wna t to stop here now and till then,

salam and bye bye bye..
till we meet again in other post ^^,


Monday, August 17, 2009

holiday mode

salam and hi to all,

i'm in a middle of my holidays right now n it seems F-U-N so far! heh~ how on earth can someone did not agree on that. ^_^

our class for resources ended with quite a satisfaction[for me] since i think i've managed to complete these 6 earlier weeks without any major problems! YEAH! coming to class that morning was different from other days since i will be officially on holidays after the class ended. so, my mind was not really in class and i want to take a deepest apology from pn foziah if it ever happen to me that i did not really paid attention to her in class...hehehehe...SORRY MA'AM! =p

before she started the class, she asked us whether we have already knew about the e-book that we have to do from the other group or not and we said yes, we already knew it. of course the info about the e-book was long have been told by them since we practiced this culture called the 'sharing' community =p...hehe...don't worry ma'am, we are all sharing-caring person if its got to do with studies and all [for certain subjects n topics only] huhuhuhuhuhu ^_^

pn foziah started off her lecture with something regarding the e-book that we will have to do. there were many guidance and ideas that we can do to make our e-book more interesting and fun [and all that brings the same meaning!] and i was quite captivated by the idea that we have to develop an e-book for kids to be used in class and it can be anything- storybook, nursery rhymes, riddles, songs or anything and quoting pn foziah, the sky is the limit!

the e-book that we developed must suits with our target audience and that we have to be very careful when choosing the best pictures, font, font size, colours or templates to be inserted in the story t make it livelier and attractive enough for the children. once i got the picture on how it would be and the idea to do that, SNAP! i feel very excited and can't wait to do that! and the excitement to go home was like..go away for a moment..hehe...[a bit exaggeration here] =p

after the lecture, she gave us time to develop our own idea regarding the e-book thingy and we should show the idea first before we can go home.. OMG, this is really torturing me...and this made me have to 'dig' for my creativity again which is nowhere to be found! but at last, i managed to get the idea and showed it to her, at first she said that my story was quite constant without any climax and this will not attract students to read it further so i changed the idea a bit and luckily, she accepted it and asked me to proceed with the idea. i was so happy since now i can go home with a relieved face...heh~ and after that, the beginning of the development of the e-book...

i bet everyone is busy doing their e-ook and the video for technology class now and i just want to wish



till then,

salam and bye bye bye

p/s: before that, i just want to wish [wish lagi..heh~]

SELAMAT MENYAMBUT RAMDHAN AL-MUBARAK to pn foziah, my beloved cohortmates, friends, all lecturers and not forgetting, all readers!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

week 5

salam and hi to all,

pn foziah seems quite weak today when we arrived at class. she told us that it is because of diarrhea that she got two days before so she asked us not to make any noise or problems that can make her even sick! hehe...don't worry ma'am, we won't! ^^,

she started off with questions about our progression of the assignment given before give us new tasks which is to prepare teaching aids and materials to be used in classroom. next, she told us that we are going to learn about how to edit photo using FotoFX and Adobe Photoshop. upon hearing that, i was really excited since i have long for this for quite some time and lastly, i managed to learn it. i really wanted to know how to edit photo so that i will be able to "renew" some new photos that i have and make it special and rememberance. yeay!! ^^

fotofx provides the chances for us to try and explore it on our own so that we will be able to use it at its best. i only got the opportunity to try out this software since i did not bring my laptop to install the other softwares, however with only fotofx, i think many can be done with it, all you need is the willingness to try it out.

it was very interesting where some of my friends even cropped their pictures and paste it on their favourite actors or actresses' face. it was fun to see those different once you're done with it! i will share the photo that i've already edited in my next post, ok?

i think that's all for now, and till then

salam and bye bye bye

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

human is truly a creature of emotions

salam and hi to all,

before i begin, i just want to tell that this entry has nothing to do with the subject and all..i just want to share some thoughts and feelings of HOW I FEEL about everything..

learning is not very interesting for some poeple but others might not feel like that. that's simply because HUMAN ARE DIFFERENT!
we are special in our own way and the way we do things sometimes will reflect on our personality[tak bnyak pun, sikit la..]
and in this condition, i believe that it is very important to treat people differently according to their personality. for example,
- an easy going person, treat them as one, make jokes, give and take, considerate and etc and
- sensitive person, care about them, be sensitive on their feelings, don't use harsh words which might makes them hurt and etc...

it seems very difficult yet this is the price we have to pay if we want to be accepted in community. do you want to be isolated just because you openly commented on people's work? for me , it's a BIG no no..i don't want to be isolated just because of my "slips of the tongue".

yes, i know that we do have "freedom of speech" but use it properly. some things are meant to be kept as secret and some things are meant to be told. YOU CHOOSE! it will be nicer if you choose your words properly. i believe that ALL people did not like to hear harsh words, although they like to use one! it is not a harm to keep to yourself of what you feel about ather people, at the end of the day, you will find yourself forget and forgive of what had been said to you or what you feel about others.

yes, i know that many people will say that it is a hypocrite person who do things like that and i tell you what, sometimes we got to be hypocrite because sometimes what we heard is also hypocracy..and there's hardly any truth in this world. this is real world, where all types of people can be find and it is up to us to which category we want to fall into..
and if you ever asked me, i want to fall into people who makes difference to people's life and give impact to them :)

yes, i know that some people will say that
"why should i care for them? they didn't even care for me!"
have you heard of 'what you give, you get back' ?
yes!! if you care for them, sooner or later, they will care for you too! read me: CARE
believe me. it did happened ^^
we have to always remember that ALLAH is kind to us because He loves us! He will give what we want, regardless it is impossible or not. and in return, devote ourself to Him, The Great!

yes, i know that it is hard for us to be nice with everyone around us, but it is not a crime if we try it right? we have our own, me and everyone! i do admit that sometimes, if i feel sad or angry, and it happened to be shown through my expressions, i just can't help to be nice with people too. the emotions will affect me very much.

living in a community charged us to be nice to people around. we cannot just want others to follow what we want but sometimes, we have to follow what others want, too! it's a give and take things...and if you willing to do so, then you will lead a HAPPY life..with people around you, with good friends who willing to help and care for you...what else do you want??

till then, salam and bye bye bye

p/s : this is just a reminder for me, and you too, if you want :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

server down la pulak!

salam and hi to all,

this is my fourth week since we are learning about how to develop and use resources in classroom with mdm foziah. honestly, i am quite enjoying myself while i am in the class where she allowed us to explore things in the computer and on the net on our own.

we were not able to update our blog since the server is down, so she asked us to be in group and discuss on the topics given in the book. we finished doing our power point presentations for the day and just waiting for the time to present :)

there were also a recap of the list of works she gave us including the latest assignments...assignment? again? oh GOD! huhuhu...apa nak buat, this is the duty for me as student!! ^_^ not much done today...server down, so it quite limits our activity except for making powerpoint as groups...

i think that's all for now, folk!

till then,
salam and bye bye bye :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

give thanks to ALLAH :)

salam and hi to all,

pn foziah, our lecturer for resources subject asked us to search for MJ's last song and i've come across this video entitled "give thanks to ALLAH" which was sung by him..i never knew that he actually recorded this very last song before he died and for that, just enjoy and feel the song ^_^

Give thanks to Allah,

For the moon and the stars

Prays in all day full,

What is and what was

Take hold of your iman

Don't givin to shaitan

Oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah.

Allah is Ghefor Allahu Rahim Allahu yuhibo el Mohsinin,

Hua Khalikhone hua Razikhone whahoa ala kolli sheiin khadir

Allah is Ghefor Allah is Rahim Allah is the one who loves the Mohsinin,

He is a creater, he is a sistainer and he is the one who has power over all.

Give thanks to Allah,

For the moon and the stars

Prays in all day full,

What is and what was

Take hold of your iman

Don't givin to shaitan

Oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah.

Allahu Ghefor Allahu Rahim Allahu yuhibo el Mohsinin,

Hua Khalikhone hua Razikhone whahoa ala kolli sheiin khadir

Allah is Ghefor Allah is Rahim Allah is the one who loves the Mohsinin,

He is a creater, he is a sistainer and he is the one who has power over all.

this song is actually one of the treasure[i must say] for us as MUSLIMS and till then,

just enjoy the show ^^,

salam and bye bye bye

hadapi dengan senyuman =)

salam and hi to all,

just want to share something with you ENJOY! ^_^

[Verse 1:]

Hadapi dengan senyuman,
semua yang terjadi, biar terjadi
Hadapi, dengan tenang jiwa,
semua, ‘kan baik baik saja

[Verse 2:]

Bila ketetapan Tuhan,
sudah ditetapkan, tetaplah sudah
Tak ada, yang bisa merubah,
dan tak ‘kan, bisa berubah

Rela, kanlah saja ini,
bahwa semua, yang terbaik
Terbaik, untuk kita semua,
menyerahlah, untuk menang


till then,
salam and bye bye bye

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

learning new things are F-U-N!

salam and hi to all,

this would be my third class and my third reflection for this particular subject..and guess what, i am quite impressed with myself [pat my shoulder =p] because i'm able to survive until now...oh well, it might sounds boring to some people but, for me, it's not..because being able to survive in a new environment and everything around is new, is quite difficult for a person like me...and i am looking forward to develop and improve myself with new things ...GAMBATTE NE!

today, we are learning about how to search for mp3 files and all...this is quite new for me as we have to record each processes into the word document using the "print screen" button and paste it into word document. the process of finding the songs is not new as i do it everyday[mind you, i like to downloaded vidoes or songs from the net] but the recording-each-process thing is something that i found quite intersting and exciting...before this, i did not really know how to use some buttons on my keyboard and they are left un"attended" except for the alphabet button[ assignment needs, of course!=p] so, this wpould be such new knowledge for me and i'm sure to utilize it well..^_^

there are many things that we can do just by using our own fingertips!well, the world is boarderless now and what do you expect from it? everything can be done in just a minute or just a seconds! OH MY GOD! can you believe it? what on earth our technology has been developing nowadays...thank GOD, i am born in this century and i am very grateful that i am not one of those who did not get the opportunity to learn or even write...

okay, back to our topic just now, many things can be done although we are in our home, things like paying bills, shopping, updating new information or even reaidng books, can be done online! we don't need to go out and search for it, it will come to you...oh, how luxury life is at this time =p
but, in every strengh, there are weaknesses, aite? it's normal because we are human, and human makes sometimes can bring harms to us..somehow, it limit our contact with real life or even real people! why? this is because we did not get out from the house to carry out our routines, we do it through the net and net does not requires us to have contact with other poeple and we are just sit on the chair 24/7 ...hahah...u know right the effects?

i think that's all for now...enough of babbling here =p
so, think for yourself and till then,


Sunday, July 19, 2009

moulding future "dough" =)

Salam and hi to all,

Yesterday was my second resources class and i find that this subject is going more and more exciting! Why? This is because i realize that i will gain much information and will be able to learn many things in this class later...and i'm looking forward to it now ^_^

Today, we were given task to discuss on how children learn at their best in groups of 6. My group has been assigned with the third point which is "children's capacity of indirect learning"..from what i understand and read, children sometimes seem to notice something out of the corner of their eye and to remember it better than what they were actually supposed to be is just a miracle to know that these bunch of kids are actually developing something in their mind!hence, we cannot deny the fact that we are responsible to "colour" them, to "shape" them and to "mould" them...

To add on the excitement in this class, i also find out that we will also learn about photo editing which will be very interesting [i guess!], audio and video editing, internet skills as well as software skills. i really can’t wait to learn on these things! And i am very sure WE will all enjoy the class very much!

As what i mentioned in my space-blogs for technology, we were also given freedom on exploring the computer and the internet on our own and i get to know many things which i am quite blur before for example how to change templates for our blogs besides where to paste the skin codes that we copied from certain website..Before this, words like HTML is like an “alien” for me where i did not utilize it at all, but now, i am able to use it at its best! i also get to learn that we can go to Smart Board application if we wants to digitize our signature and use it in any documents!

I am quite satisfy with myself today since i got to learn many things about the internet, regardless it comes from me or my friends. i believe that if i keep discover and explore the computer, i won’t be afraid of it anymore! Quoting my science lecturer phrase which is “don’t fight with your rival, but fight with the situation!”

Till then,

Salam and bye bye bye ^_^ v

Monday, July 13, 2009

when realization meets reality

salam and hi to all...=)

first of all, this would be my second entry for the blog and in this entry, i would like to reflect on what i had learnt on my first class in learning the subject..PBEY 3102 is the code name for using and developing resources subject that i am taking for this semester.

this subject is basically about how we as future teachers are going to develop and integrate the use of technology in classroom as one of the resources for teaching process. we know that young children likes to see something which is real, colourful and cute. hence, we are going to learn on how to design creative and attractive teaching aids. as we are living in a modern world where computers and gadgets are no common things, the same goes with the teaching aids.

we will surely being called as an outdated person if we cannot catch and grasp the speed of technology because it is developing very fast especially among teenagers and young children. thus, in order to "tackle" these young generations, as teacher, i have to follow their way of learning and using technology is the best way to suit their learning...

to be honest, i feel a bit afraid when it comes to technology since i am not those techno-savvy person who will follow and buy any latest gadgets in the market. i am just like any other people who use technology for the sake of the assignments...i also did not want people to call me a outdated person so , in a way, it does force me to make my way towards this so-called technology!

there was this time when my mother ask me to help with her powerpoint presentation, when suddenly she asked me about gadgets and computers and all that...i was quite shocked to hear that question is coming out from her mouth! it's not that i looked down on her but i never expected that she actually knows about gadgets and all and she even told me that she is planning to buy one of those thingy and ask me where is the best place to shop for the thing!

my mother is one type of "veteran teachers" who are afraid with technology! she likes things to be simpler and easy to be used and that is why she once said that handphone should not come with camera and mp3 because the main reason we use phone are to call and messaging people [ but i think the real reason is that she only know how to call people and open the inbox to read messages, other than that, would be done with the help of my sisters! =p]

looking at the reality of today's situation where everynthing needs technology or should i say emphasize on the use of computer and gadgets, i feel really lucky to be where i am now! learning technology is not something that we can learn it in a day! we need to accumulate the courage....why i said courage??


not all people are brave enough to operate the computer if they are being left alone with it
not all people are knowledgeable enough to handle or use the computer properly
not all people have money to buy computer, regardless it is a PC or a notebook
and most importantly,
not all people able to get a formal or proper lesson about using technology...

and in this context,

i am very glad to be given the opportunity to learn more about technology when i enter UM..this is something that i never involved with before...except for learning about computers after SPM last 4 years! i am glad that i am not one of those illiterate people because at least, i know how to operate a computer although if it is quite tedious at times!

last time, i prefer to view computer as an "alien" thing before we were being ask to get familiar and used with it...however, i cannot deny the benefits and advantages they offer since it makes my life easier!

till then,

salam and bye bye bye ^_^
p/s: by the way, the 2 pictures will best described me at first when i started in learning this thing called technolgy! =p

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

first post of the day

salam and hi to all..

this is actually my first day in learning the subject in which we are required to create a blog for the sake of our assignment. however, this is not my first blog because i've already created 2 blogs before ^_^ [mind you, it is for the sake of our subjects].

giving the task of creating blog for assignment quite shocked me at first because i never thought that blogging will be part of my assignment marks...but i realize that it is not impossible because the subject itself is all about technology and using resources in class. for a not-so-techno-savvy person like me, knowing how to blog was actually one of the achievement. this is because, before this i did not really know on how to create a blog or even own it myself, i will just read through other's blogs and that's it.but now, i can be proud of myself since i already have 3 blogs altogether[although it is for the sake of my course].

i think that's all that i can babble at the moment..till then,

salam and bye bye ^_^v