Tuesday, November 10, 2009


salam and hi to all,

raya was just finished and now, back to normal life again!
but, i guess the happiness from the celebration was still within us since there are some of our friends who bring and sharing along their “kuih raya” with the others. it was a F-U-N and enjoyable experience since this allows us to get to know each other’s story during the celebration.

in this week 11, we had to combine with the Tuesday group since Puan Foziah is not really well. due to her condition, she required us to present the article been assigned to us before and i think, all groups had did their very best in disseminating and sharing new knowledge they get from the article.

in fact, i found out that these articles were very good to expose us, the new future teachers to the reality of students in school; their nature, skills need to be learnt and enhanced and etc. my group had chosen the article entitled “The Use of Technology in English Language Learning”. the article briefly told us about the importance of 4 most basic and essential skills needed to be mastered by the students which are reading, writing, speaking and listening.

it is important for teachers to take note that we need to involve all the 4 skills to improve and train the students so that they won’t be left behind by the other friends. These 4 skills is also important in giving platform for the students to learn English in an easy way.

i think it is good that mdm foziah asked us to present our article so that we did not get any misunderstanding about it. we know that we are different so the way we think is also different, hence there are tendency for us to have different views on certain things. through this presentation, any misunderstanding will be cleared off and clarify, so this is one of the good way in teaching and learning- discussion and brainstorming.

we had also discussed about the assignment that we need to send just about after that. the assignment is about producing teaching aids such as flash cards, video clips, audio clips and etc. as there were some confusion regarding the assignment as we did not aware that assignment 2 need to be sent in week 12 together with the video production.

however, as everyone was present on that day, thus we take the opportunity to discuss and solve all confusion arise so that we are clear on what should we do and be alert on the due date.
i must praise some of us that they took the responsibility to be in charge in handling the discussion since there were quite a mess among all of us. so, KUDOS to them! ^_^

i think that’s all for this week. i am very glad since i am clearer on what should i do and that the workloads is reducing from day to day and one thing that i learn most is

till then,
salam and bye bye bye bye
till we meet in my next entry! :)

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