Wednesday, November 11, 2009

week 14 has arrived, finally!

Salam and hi to all,

this would be my last class for the semester specifically for this resources class. i bet i will surely misses Mdm Foziah very much and not to forget, to listen to her story :P

and with the arrival of week 14, it told us that exam is coming and that we need to study and study and study and study! i am not ready to face the exam yet and i guess now it’s time for me to enjoy my last class first before i locked myself up with all the books and lecture notes for the exam.

as this is our last class, many people did not really turned up making the class seems so small with very few students. but, i guess this was the best class since we got to listen to Mdm Foziah’s precious experiences while she was studying overseas. she told us all her experiences in travelling around the world which makes me very jealous of her [ jealousy in a sense that it is a positive thing]. the story told really made me up and it is like a “spark” which boost my spirit to study hard so that, one day, i will also be able to get the opportunity like this. i really really wanted to feel how life was in the other side of the world and i guess, i have a very long way to go!

being able to experience new things, live in new environment, getting to try out some funny and crazy things, making new friends and even broaden my mind and knowledge, who on earth will say “NO” to chances like this, and i hope that one day, May HE grant me to go there to achieve my childhood dreams. INSYAALLAH.
besides that, we also having a short discussion on our very last assignment which is the lesson plan. as there were many confusions arise throughout the way, she then clarify to us things she want us to put in the assignment together with some explanation on terms used in the LP she gave us. it was a whole new experience for me since the lesson plan that we do now is quite different if we ware to compare it with the one in college.

Lesson Plan is one of the most important things which teacher like us need to have and know and be well versed in it. this is because LESSON PLAN is the plan which will determine on how we are going to conduct our class on that particular day. it contains details on what topic to be taught to the students, the activities, time frame and even what resources will be used in that teaching and learning period. It is very important for us teachers to carry out thelesson in the classroom based n what is being planned and arranged so that we won’t missed out any important things that should be taught and given to the students.

And i guess, here comes the best part of all! Mdm Foziah had also discussed with us some of the important tips for the examination. She asked us to focus on certain topics that might come out in the examination later. Last but not least, she gave us advices to study hard so that we could achieve what we want later.

On a final note, i think we had successfully ended this class with satisfaction. and after 14 weeks of turmoil and challenges, i guess we can now smile widely and pat on our shoulder for successfully completing this journey through PBEY 3102!

I think that is all for this entry. Till we meet again in my last entry and till then,


astalavista babe!

salam and BYEEE ~

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