Friday, August 28, 2009

audio editing :)

salam and hi to all,

we meet again! and this time, it's RAMADHAN people! hehe..the feeling was quite different during this holy month and i should say that, everyone is competing with each other to do good deeds ...after all, it's holy month and this is the time for us to collect provision for hereafter ^_^

ok, enough about that. today, pn foziah did not seems very active as she does before and she told us to finish our own work before she started off with her lecture as she wanted to take a rest for a while...and i'm a happily blog-hoppers :)

the topic for today was quite interesting since it was related with songs! i'm sure everyone likes music and songs, aite? WE ALL DO ^_^
so, today we were taught to edit the audio in terms of noise, songs, instrumental music, talks and etc. and enhance it so that it will turn out to be superb! if we were creative enough, we are able to create a nice song and i'll try to make one =)

there are many softwares that can be used to edit audio such as Audacity, Sony SoundForge and even Movie Maker! some of these softwares are really fun since we can freely edit our own songs or sound files just how we want it to be! as we are future teachers who will be teaching 21st century kids later, we have to be really prepared so that we are able to deal with their needs and the upcoming challenges. hence, learning how to edit audio is one of the skills that we should have so that we are able to come up with our own songs or edit audio according to what we are planning to teach on that particular day.

on a final note, what we are learning now is to prepare us for the teaching tomorrow!
till then,

salam and bye bye bye ^_^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramadhan menjelma lagi :)

salam and hi to all,

today is the 6th day of fasting for Muslim all around the world and i'm very happy to admit that I AM A MUSLIM and I'M DOING WHAT MY RELIGION ASKED ME TO DO (HAPPILY)..
hehehe...sounds mcm arrogant skit kan? takpe..tak salah kalau saya nk menunjukkan kebanggaan saya tentang agama saya :) well, i'm sure anybody else are too..

oklah..this time nak lari sikit dari tulis reflection pasal kelas resources ni..heheh...sorry ma'am..just want to rant and shra something here...kan SHARING IS CARING ^^

masa berlalu dengan sangat2 cepat dan sedar tak sedar dah tiba semula Ramadhan yang telah setahun ditinggalkan...huh! time's flies very very very fast that now i just realized how many times have i been using recklessly! and i've done nothing good yet... this time is what we call "akhir zaman" so i guess "the call" is nearer and yet i do not have enough provision to be brought along simple words, i do not have any "guarantor" yet[read between the lines, k :)]

Ramadhan is a holy month where this is the time which all the devils or satans will be tied and what's left is only angels..and this is the time where we are supposed to start to collect good deeds. i dont know whether i will be able to experience the coming Ramadhan or not..things can happened and we just pray for the best :) so, start to sow the seeds and collect fruits folk!

i think i wna t to stop here now and till then,

salam and bye bye bye..
till we meet again in other post ^^,


Monday, August 17, 2009

holiday mode

salam and hi to all,

i'm in a middle of my holidays right now n it seems F-U-N so far! heh~ how on earth can someone did not agree on that. ^_^

our class for resources ended with quite a satisfaction[for me] since i think i've managed to complete these 6 earlier weeks without any major problems! YEAH! coming to class that morning was different from other days since i will be officially on holidays after the class ended. so, my mind was not really in class and i want to take a deepest apology from pn foziah if it ever happen to me that i did not really paid attention to her in class...hehehehe...SORRY MA'AM! =p

before she started the class, she asked us whether we have already knew about the e-book that we have to do from the other group or not and we said yes, we already knew it. of course the info about the e-book was long have been told by them since we practiced this culture called the 'sharing' community =p...hehe...don't worry ma'am, we are all sharing-caring person if its got to do with studies and all [for certain subjects n topics only] huhuhuhuhuhu ^_^

pn foziah started off her lecture with something regarding the e-book that we will have to do. there were many guidance and ideas that we can do to make our e-book more interesting and fun [and all that brings the same meaning!] and i was quite captivated by the idea that we have to develop an e-book for kids to be used in class and it can be anything- storybook, nursery rhymes, riddles, songs or anything and quoting pn foziah, the sky is the limit!

the e-book that we developed must suits with our target audience and that we have to be very careful when choosing the best pictures, font, font size, colours or templates to be inserted in the story t make it livelier and attractive enough for the children. once i got the picture on how it would be and the idea to do that, SNAP! i feel very excited and can't wait to do that! and the excitement to go home was like..go away for a moment..hehe...[a bit exaggeration here] =p

after the lecture, she gave us time to develop our own idea regarding the e-book thingy and we should show the idea first before we can go home.. OMG, this is really torturing me...and this made me have to 'dig' for my creativity again which is nowhere to be found! but at last, i managed to get the idea and showed it to her, at first she said that my story was quite constant without any climax and this will not attract students to read it further so i changed the idea a bit and luckily, she accepted it and asked me to proceed with the idea. i was so happy since now i can go home with a relieved face...heh~ and after that, the beginning of the development of the e-book...

i bet everyone is busy doing their e-ook and the video for technology class now and i just want to wish



till then,

salam and bye bye bye

p/s: before that, i just want to wish [wish lagi..heh~]

SELAMAT MENYAMBUT RAMDHAN AL-MUBARAK to pn foziah, my beloved cohortmates, friends, all lecturers and not forgetting, all readers!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

week 5

salam and hi to all,

pn foziah seems quite weak today when we arrived at class. she told us that it is because of diarrhea that she got two days before so she asked us not to make any noise or problems that can make her even sick! hehe...don't worry ma'am, we won't! ^^,

she started off with questions about our progression of the assignment given before give us new tasks which is to prepare teaching aids and materials to be used in classroom. next, she told us that we are going to learn about how to edit photo using FotoFX and Adobe Photoshop. upon hearing that, i was really excited since i have long for this for quite some time and lastly, i managed to learn it. i really wanted to know how to edit photo so that i will be able to "renew" some new photos that i have and make it special and rememberance. yeay!! ^^

fotofx provides the chances for us to try and explore it on our own so that we will be able to use it at its best. i only got the opportunity to try out this software since i did not bring my laptop to install the other softwares, however with only fotofx, i think many can be done with it, all you need is the willingness to try it out.

it was very interesting where some of my friends even cropped their pictures and paste it on their favourite actors or actresses' face. it was fun to see those different once you're done with it! i will share the photo that i've already edited in my next post, ok?

i think that's all for now, and till then

salam and bye bye bye

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

human is truly a creature of emotions

salam and hi to all,

before i begin, i just want to tell that this entry has nothing to do with the subject and all..i just want to share some thoughts and feelings of HOW I FEEL about everything..

learning is not very interesting for some poeple but others might not feel like that. that's simply because HUMAN ARE DIFFERENT!
we are special in our own way and the way we do things sometimes will reflect on our personality[tak bnyak pun, sikit la..]
and in this condition, i believe that it is very important to treat people differently according to their personality. for example,
- an easy going person, treat them as one, make jokes, give and take, considerate and etc and
- sensitive person, care about them, be sensitive on their feelings, don't use harsh words which might makes them hurt and etc...

it seems very difficult yet this is the price we have to pay if we want to be accepted in community. do you want to be isolated just because you openly commented on people's work? for me , it's a BIG no no..i don't want to be isolated just because of my "slips of the tongue".

yes, i know that we do have "freedom of speech" but use it properly. some things are meant to be kept as secret and some things are meant to be told. YOU CHOOSE! it will be nicer if you choose your words properly. i believe that ALL people did not like to hear harsh words, although they like to use one! it is not a harm to keep to yourself of what you feel about ather people, at the end of the day, you will find yourself forget and forgive of what had been said to you or what you feel about others.

yes, i know that many people will say that it is a hypocrite person who do things like that and i tell you what, sometimes we got to be hypocrite because sometimes what we heard is also hypocracy..and there's hardly any truth in this world. this is real world, where all types of people can be find and it is up to us to which category we want to fall into..
and if you ever asked me, i want to fall into people who makes difference to people's life and give impact to them :)

yes, i know that some people will say that
"why should i care for them? they didn't even care for me!"
have you heard of 'what you give, you get back' ?
yes!! if you care for them, sooner or later, they will care for you too! read me: CARE
believe me. it did happened ^^
we have to always remember that ALLAH is kind to us because He loves us! He will give what we want, regardless it is impossible or not. and in return, devote ourself to Him, The Great!

yes, i know that it is hard for us to be nice with everyone around us, but it is not a crime if we try it right? we have our own, me and everyone! i do admit that sometimes, if i feel sad or angry, and it happened to be shown through my expressions, i just can't help to be nice with people too. the emotions will affect me very much.

living in a community charged us to be nice to people around. we cannot just want others to follow what we want but sometimes, we have to follow what others want, too! it's a give and take things...and if you willing to do so, then you will lead a HAPPY life..with people around you, with good friends who willing to help and care for you...what else do you want??

till then, salam and bye bye bye

p/s : this is just a reminder for me, and you too, if you want :)