Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramadhan menjelma lagi :)

salam and hi to all,

today is the 6th day of fasting for Muslim all around the world and i'm very happy to admit that I AM A MUSLIM and I'M DOING WHAT MY RELIGION ASKED ME TO DO (HAPPILY)..
hehehe...sounds mcm arrogant skit kan? takpe..tak salah kalau saya nk menunjukkan kebanggaan saya tentang agama saya :) well, i'm sure anybody else are too..

oklah..this time nak lari sikit dari tulis reflection pasal kelas resources ni..heheh...sorry ma'am..just want to rant and shra something here...kan SHARING IS CARING ^^

masa berlalu dengan sangat2 cepat dan sedar tak sedar dah tiba semula Ramadhan yang telah setahun ditinggalkan...huh! time's flies very very very fast that now i just realized how many times have i been using recklessly! and i've done nothing good yet... this time is what we call "akhir zaman" so i guess "the call" is nearer and yet i do not have enough provision to be brought along simple words, i do not have any "guarantor" yet[read between the lines, k :)]

Ramadhan is a holy month where this is the time which all the devils or satans will be tied and what's left is only angels..and this is the time where we are supposed to start to collect good deeds. i dont know whether i will be able to experience the coming Ramadhan or not..things can happened and we just pray for the best :) so, start to sow the seeds and collect fruits folk!

i think i wna t to stop here now and till then,

salam and bye bye bye..
till we meet again in other post ^^,


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