Thursday, October 15, 2009

it's video time! ^_^

salam and hi to all,

this is the 9th week and we still in Ramadhan mode. Raya is nearing and i can't wait for it to come. but, before that, need to settle down all my work here.

ok, enough about that. let us look on what we have done this time since it's a new week for us. before she started the class that day, at first, Mdm Poziah showed us various videos about Chun and Ella (her favourite Taiwanese actir and actress :P) and other interesting videos produced by her own friends and our senior from Cohort 3. they are very interesting and fun to be watched since they covered not only about education, but motivational spirit and interesting messages as well.

so, based on the video showed to us, she said that we need to create a video and we are free to use any subjects or topics as long as it does not go overboard and touches on sensitive issues. heh~ I AM VERY HAPPY upon hearing that we are going to produce a video according to our preferences ^_^

and for this particular task, we are required to do it in pair where i should be of a boy and a girl. why? so that the idea is wider and we could see from each other's perspectives so as to produce a good video! and i choose to pair with Naem. i haven't work with him yet, so i guess this would be a good chance for me to try.

she gave us time to discuss on the ideas on what we are going to do in our video and later, we need to show the draft to her for permission. at first, i need to admit that both of us, Naem and I were quite excited with the idea of producing video until we are a bit too imaginative at that time and wanted to do many impossible things. so, we scribbled down all our thoughts on the paper before show them to her. but, it struck to us that we couldn’t find a very interesting which could captivate other’s attention. so, we agreed that we show the idea to her first before make any decisions on it.

she gave us directions on how to create the story line and it help us to see better since we now have target on how to do the video. and after some consultations, she agreed with our idea and decide to give it a YES! i was very happy with it and i guess, one part is done and what’s left is the collecting of materials and producing them.

i guess, that’s all for now, and i will tell you later on what we are planning to do in our video.
till then, pen off and

salam and bye bye bye ! ^_^