Friday, July 31, 2009

server down la pulak!

salam and hi to all,

this is my fourth week since we are learning about how to develop and use resources in classroom with mdm foziah. honestly, i am quite enjoying myself while i am in the class where she allowed us to explore things in the computer and on the net on our own.

we were not able to update our blog since the server is down, so she asked us to be in group and discuss on the topics given in the book. we finished doing our power point presentations for the day and just waiting for the time to present :)

there were also a recap of the list of works she gave us including the latest assignments...assignment? again? oh GOD! huhuhu...apa nak buat, this is the duty for me as student!! ^_^ not much done today...server down, so it quite limits our activity except for making powerpoint as groups...

i think that's all for now, folk!

till then,
salam and bye bye bye :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

give thanks to ALLAH :)

salam and hi to all,

pn foziah, our lecturer for resources subject asked us to search for MJ's last song and i've come across this video entitled "give thanks to ALLAH" which was sung by him..i never knew that he actually recorded this very last song before he died and for that, just enjoy and feel the song ^_^

Give thanks to Allah,

For the moon and the stars

Prays in all day full,

What is and what was

Take hold of your iman

Don't givin to shaitan

Oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah.

Allah is Ghefor Allahu Rahim Allahu yuhibo el Mohsinin,

Hua Khalikhone hua Razikhone whahoa ala kolli sheiin khadir

Allah is Ghefor Allah is Rahim Allah is the one who loves the Mohsinin,

He is a creater, he is a sistainer and he is the one who has power over all.

Give thanks to Allah,

For the moon and the stars

Prays in all day full,

What is and what was

Take hold of your iman

Don't givin to shaitan

Oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah.

Allahu Ghefor Allahu Rahim Allahu yuhibo el Mohsinin,

Hua Khalikhone hua Razikhone whahoa ala kolli sheiin khadir

Allah is Ghefor Allah is Rahim Allah is the one who loves the Mohsinin,

He is a creater, he is a sistainer and he is the one who has power over all.

this song is actually one of the treasure[i must say] for us as MUSLIMS and till then,

just enjoy the show ^^,

salam and bye bye bye

hadapi dengan senyuman =)

salam and hi to all,

just want to share something with you ENJOY! ^_^

[Verse 1:]

Hadapi dengan senyuman,
semua yang terjadi, biar terjadi
Hadapi, dengan tenang jiwa,
semua, ‘kan baik baik saja

[Verse 2:]

Bila ketetapan Tuhan,
sudah ditetapkan, tetaplah sudah
Tak ada, yang bisa merubah,
dan tak ‘kan, bisa berubah

Rela, kanlah saja ini,
bahwa semua, yang terbaik
Terbaik, untuk kita semua,
menyerahlah, untuk menang


till then,
salam and bye bye bye

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

learning new things are F-U-N!

salam and hi to all,

this would be my third class and my third reflection for this particular subject..and guess what, i am quite impressed with myself [pat my shoulder =p] because i'm able to survive until now...oh well, it might sounds boring to some people but, for me, it's not..because being able to survive in a new environment and everything around is new, is quite difficult for a person like me...and i am looking forward to develop and improve myself with new things ...GAMBATTE NE!

today, we are learning about how to search for mp3 files and all...this is quite new for me as we have to record each processes into the word document using the "print screen" button and paste it into word document. the process of finding the songs is not new as i do it everyday[mind you, i like to downloaded vidoes or songs from the net] but the recording-each-process thing is something that i found quite intersting and exciting...before this, i did not really know how to use some buttons on my keyboard and they are left un"attended" except for the alphabet button[ assignment needs, of course!=p] so, this wpould be such new knowledge for me and i'm sure to utilize it well..^_^

there are many things that we can do just by using our own fingertips!well, the world is boarderless now and what do you expect from it? everything can be done in just a minute or just a seconds! OH MY GOD! can you believe it? what on earth our technology has been developing nowadays...thank GOD, i am born in this century and i am very grateful that i am not one of those who did not get the opportunity to learn or even write...

okay, back to our topic just now, many things can be done although we are in our home, things like paying bills, shopping, updating new information or even reaidng books, can be done online! we don't need to go out and search for it, it will come to you...oh, how luxury life is at this time =p
but, in every strengh, there are weaknesses, aite? it's normal because we are human, and human makes sometimes can bring harms to us..somehow, it limit our contact with real life or even real people! why? this is because we did not get out from the house to carry out our routines, we do it through the net and net does not requires us to have contact with other poeple and we are just sit on the chair 24/7 ...hahah...u know right the effects?

i think that's all for now...enough of babbling here =p
so, think for yourself and till then,


Sunday, July 19, 2009

moulding future "dough" =)

Salam and hi to all,

Yesterday was my second resources class and i find that this subject is going more and more exciting! Why? This is because i realize that i will gain much information and will be able to learn many things in this class later...and i'm looking forward to it now ^_^

Today, we were given task to discuss on how children learn at their best in groups of 6. My group has been assigned with the third point which is "children's capacity of indirect learning"..from what i understand and read, children sometimes seem to notice something out of the corner of their eye and to remember it better than what they were actually supposed to be is just a miracle to know that these bunch of kids are actually developing something in their mind!hence, we cannot deny the fact that we are responsible to "colour" them, to "shape" them and to "mould" them...

To add on the excitement in this class, i also find out that we will also learn about photo editing which will be very interesting [i guess!], audio and video editing, internet skills as well as software skills. i really can’t wait to learn on these things! And i am very sure WE will all enjoy the class very much!

As what i mentioned in my space-blogs for technology, we were also given freedom on exploring the computer and the internet on our own and i get to know many things which i am quite blur before for example how to change templates for our blogs besides where to paste the skin codes that we copied from certain website..Before this, words like HTML is like an “alien” for me where i did not utilize it at all, but now, i am able to use it at its best! i also get to learn that we can go to Smart Board application if we wants to digitize our signature and use it in any documents!

I am quite satisfy with myself today since i got to learn many things about the internet, regardless it comes from me or my friends. i believe that if i keep discover and explore the computer, i won’t be afraid of it anymore! Quoting my science lecturer phrase which is “don’t fight with your rival, but fight with the situation!”

Till then,

Salam and bye bye bye ^_^ v

Monday, July 13, 2009

when realization meets reality

salam and hi to all...=)

first of all, this would be my second entry for the blog and in this entry, i would like to reflect on what i had learnt on my first class in learning the subject..PBEY 3102 is the code name for using and developing resources subject that i am taking for this semester.

this subject is basically about how we as future teachers are going to develop and integrate the use of technology in classroom as one of the resources for teaching process. we know that young children likes to see something which is real, colourful and cute. hence, we are going to learn on how to design creative and attractive teaching aids. as we are living in a modern world where computers and gadgets are no common things, the same goes with the teaching aids.

we will surely being called as an outdated person if we cannot catch and grasp the speed of technology because it is developing very fast especially among teenagers and young children. thus, in order to "tackle" these young generations, as teacher, i have to follow their way of learning and using technology is the best way to suit their learning...

to be honest, i feel a bit afraid when it comes to technology since i am not those techno-savvy person who will follow and buy any latest gadgets in the market. i am just like any other people who use technology for the sake of the assignments...i also did not want people to call me a outdated person so , in a way, it does force me to make my way towards this so-called technology!

there was this time when my mother ask me to help with her powerpoint presentation, when suddenly she asked me about gadgets and computers and all that...i was quite shocked to hear that question is coming out from her mouth! it's not that i looked down on her but i never expected that she actually knows about gadgets and all and she even told me that she is planning to buy one of those thingy and ask me where is the best place to shop for the thing!

my mother is one type of "veteran teachers" who are afraid with technology! she likes things to be simpler and easy to be used and that is why she once said that handphone should not come with camera and mp3 because the main reason we use phone are to call and messaging people [ but i think the real reason is that she only know how to call people and open the inbox to read messages, other than that, would be done with the help of my sisters! =p]

looking at the reality of today's situation where everynthing needs technology or should i say emphasize on the use of computer and gadgets, i feel really lucky to be where i am now! learning technology is not something that we can learn it in a day! we need to accumulate the courage....why i said courage??


not all people are brave enough to operate the computer if they are being left alone with it
not all people are knowledgeable enough to handle or use the computer properly
not all people have money to buy computer, regardless it is a PC or a notebook
and most importantly,
not all people able to get a formal or proper lesson about using technology...

and in this context,

i am very glad to be given the opportunity to learn more about technology when i enter UM..this is something that i never involved with before...except for learning about computers after SPM last 4 years! i am glad that i am not one of those illiterate people because at least, i know how to operate a computer although if it is quite tedious at times!

last time, i prefer to view computer as an "alien" thing before we were being ask to get familiar and used with it...however, i cannot deny the benefits and advantages they offer since it makes my life easier!

till then,

salam and bye bye bye ^_^
p/s: by the way, the 2 pictures will best described me at first when i started in learning this thing called technolgy! =p

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

first post of the day

salam and hi to all..

this is actually my first day in learning the subject in which we are required to create a blog for the sake of our assignment. however, this is not my first blog because i've already created 2 blogs before ^_^ [mind you, it is for the sake of our subjects].

giving the task of creating blog for assignment quite shocked me at first because i never thought that blogging will be part of my assignment marks...but i realize that it is not impossible because the subject itself is all about technology and using resources in class. for a not-so-techno-savvy person like me, knowing how to blog was actually one of the achievement. this is because, before this i did not really know on how to create a blog or even own it myself, i will just read through other's blogs and that's it.but now, i can be proud of myself since i already have 3 blogs altogether[although it is for the sake of my course].

i think that's all that i can babble at the moment..till then,

salam and bye bye ^_^v