Wednesday, July 8, 2009

first post of the day

salam and hi to all..

this is actually my first day in learning the subject in which we are required to create a blog for the sake of our assignment. however, this is not my first blog because i've already created 2 blogs before ^_^ [mind you, it is for the sake of our subjects].

giving the task of creating blog for assignment quite shocked me at first because i never thought that blogging will be part of my assignment marks...but i realize that it is not impossible because the subject itself is all about technology and using resources in class. for a not-so-techno-savvy person like me, knowing how to blog was actually one of the achievement. this is because, before this i did not really know on how to create a blog or even own it myself, i will just read through other's blogs and that's it.but now, i can be proud of myself since i already have 3 blogs altogether[although it is for the sake of my course].

i think that's all that i can babble at the moment..till then,

salam and bye bye ^_^v

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