Wednesday, July 22, 2009

learning new things are F-U-N!

salam and hi to all,

this would be my third class and my third reflection for this particular subject..and guess what, i am quite impressed with myself [pat my shoulder =p] because i'm able to survive until now...oh well, it might sounds boring to some people but, for me, it's not..because being able to survive in a new environment and everything around is new, is quite difficult for a person like me...and i am looking forward to develop and improve myself with new things ...GAMBATTE NE!

today, we are learning about how to search for mp3 files and all...this is quite new for me as we have to record each processes into the word document using the "print screen" button and paste it into word document. the process of finding the songs is not new as i do it everyday[mind you, i like to downloaded vidoes or songs from the net] but the recording-each-process thing is something that i found quite intersting and exciting...before this, i did not really know how to use some buttons on my keyboard and they are left un"attended" except for the alphabet button[ assignment needs, of course!=p] so, this wpould be such new knowledge for me and i'm sure to utilize it well..^_^

there are many things that we can do just by using our own fingertips!well, the world is boarderless now and what do you expect from it? everything can be done in just a minute or just a seconds! OH MY GOD! can you believe it? what on earth our technology has been developing nowadays...thank GOD, i am born in this century and i am very grateful that i am not one of those who did not get the opportunity to learn or even write...

okay, back to our topic just now, many things can be done although we are in our home, things like paying bills, shopping, updating new information or even reaidng books, can be done online! we don't need to go out and search for it, it will come to you...oh, how luxury life is at this time =p
but, in every strengh, there are weaknesses, aite? it's normal because we are human, and human makes sometimes can bring harms to us..somehow, it limit our contact with real life or even real people! why? this is because we did not get out from the house to carry out our routines, we do it through the net and net does not requires us to have contact with other poeple and we are just sit on the chair 24/7 ...hahah...u know right the effects?

i think that's all for now...enough of babbling here =p
so, think for yourself and till then,


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