Sunday, July 19, 2009

moulding future "dough" =)

Salam and hi to all,

Yesterday was my second resources class and i find that this subject is going more and more exciting! Why? This is because i realize that i will gain much information and will be able to learn many things in this class later...and i'm looking forward to it now ^_^

Today, we were given task to discuss on how children learn at their best in groups of 6. My group has been assigned with the third point which is "children's capacity of indirect learning"..from what i understand and read, children sometimes seem to notice something out of the corner of their eye and to remember it better than what they were actually supposed to be is just a miracle to know that these bunch of kids are actually developing something in their mind!hence, we cannot deny the fact that we are responsible to "colour" them, to "shape" them and to "mould" them...

To add on the excitement in this class, i also find out that we will also learn about photo editing which will be very interesting [i guess!], audio and video editing, internet skills as well as software skills. i really can’t wait to learn on these things! And i am very sure WE will all enjoy the class very much!

As what i mentioned in my space-blogs for technology, we were also given freedom on exploring the computer and the internet on our own and i get to know many things which i am quite blur before for example how to change templates for our blogs besides where to paste the skin codes that we copied from certain website..Before this, words like HTML is like an “alien” for me where i did not utilize it at all, but now, i am able to use it at its best! i also get to learn that we can go to Smart Board application if we wants to digitize our signature and use it in any documents!

I am quite satisfy with myself today since i got to learn many things about the internet, regardless it comes from me or my friends. i believe that if i keep discover and explore the computer, i won’t be afraid of it anymore! Quoting my science lecturer phrase which is “don’t fight with your rival, but fight with the situation!”

Till then,

Salam and bye bye bye ^_^ v

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