Monday, July 13, 2009

when realization meets reality

salam and hi to all...=)

first of all, this would be my second entry for the blog and in this entry, i would like to reflect on what i had learnt on my first class in learning the subject..PBEY 3102 is the code name for using and developing resources subject that i am taking for this semester.

this subject is basically about how we as future teachers are going to develop and integrate the use of technology in classroom as one of the resources for teaching process. we know that young children likes to see something which is real, colourful and cute. hence, we are going to learn on how to design creative and attractive teaching aids. as we are living in a modern world where computers and gadgets are no common things, the same goes with the teaching aids.

we will surely being called as an outdated person if we cannot catch and grasp the speed of technology because it is developing very fast especially among teenagers and young children. thus, in order to "tackle" these young generations, as teacher, i have to follow their way of learning and using technology is the best way to suit their learning...

to be honest, i feel a bit afraid when it comes to technology since i am not those techno-savvy person who will follow and buy any latest gadgets in the market. i am just like any other people who use technology for the sake of the assignments...i also did not want people to call me a outdated person so , in a way, it does force me to make my way towards this so-called technology!

there was this time when my mother ask me to help with her powerpoint presentation, when suddenly she asked me about gadgets and computers and all that...i was quite shocked to hear that question is coming out from her mouth! it's not that i looked down on her but i never expected that she actually knows about gadgets and all and she even told me that she is planning to buy one of those thingy and ask me where is the best place to shop for the thing!

my mother is one type of "veteran teachers" who are afraid with technology! she likes things to be simpler and easy to be used and that is why she once said that handphone should not come with camera and mp3 because the main reason we use phone are to call and messaging people [ but i think the real reason is that she only know how to call people and open the inbox to read messages, other than that, would be done with the help of my sisters! =p]

looking at the reality of today's situation where everynthing needs technology or should i say emphasize on the use of computer and gadgets, i feel really lucky to be where i am now! learning technology is not something that we can learn it in a day! we need to accumulate the courage....why i said courage??


not all people are brave enough to operate the computer if they are being left alone with it
not all people are knowledgeable enough to handle or use the computer properly
not all people have money to buy computer, regardless it is a PC or a notebook
and most importantly,
not all people able to get a formal or proper lesson about using technology...

and in this context,

i am very glad to be given the opportunity to learn more about technology when i enter UM..this is something that i never involved with before...except for learning about computers after SPM last 4 years! i am glad that i am not one of those illiterate people because at least, i know how to operate a computer although if it is quite tedious at times!

last time, i prefer to view computer as an "alien" thing before we were being ask to get familiar and used with it...however, i cannot deny the benefits and advantages they offer since it makes my life easier!

till then,

salam and bye bye bye ^_^
p/s: by the way, the 2 pictures will best described me at first when i started in learning this thing called technolgy! =p

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