Sunday, September 6, 2009


salam and hi to all,

today i just want to share a poem which is really close to me. hope you all enjoy reading it!
by the way, read between the lines then you can understand the meaning of it ^_^
There’s so much no one knows,
So much that no one sees,
About the way I feel inside
my thoughts and all my needs.

Maybe it’s that they don’t look,
Or the fact that I don’t show,
Either way, there are things inside
that no one seems to know.

I want to show the world,
I want everyone to see,
All the thoughts and the ideas that flow inside me,
Maybe you haven’t noticed or maybe you don’t dare
To find out who I am, to show me that you care.

I’m screaming on the inside,
A smile is what you see,
But I’m not content with the person I seem to be.

There’s a different person on the inside,
That I can’t seem to show,
But maybe if you took mine, that person you could know.