Thursday, August 6, 2009

week 5

salam and hi to all,

pn foziah seems quite weak today when we arrived at class. she told us that it is because of diarrhea that she got two days before so she asked us not to make any noise or problems that can make her even sick! hehe...don't worry ma'am, we won't! ^^,

she started off with questions about our progression of the assignment given before give us new tasks which is to prepare teaching aids and materials to be used in classroom. next, she told us that we are going to learn about how to edit photo using FotoFX and Adobe Photoshop. upon hearing that, i was really excited since i have long for this for quite some time and lastly, i managed to learn it. i really wanted to know how to edit photo so that i will be able to "renew" some new photos that i have and make it special and rememberance. yeay!! ^^

fotofx provides the chances for us to try and explore it on our own so that we will be able to use it at its best. i only got the opportunity to try out this software since i did not bring my laptop to install the other softwares, however with only fotofx, i think many can be done with it, all you need is the willingness to try it out.

it was very interesting where some of my friends even cropped their pictures and paste it on their favourite actors or actresses' face. it was fun to see those different once you're done with it! i will share the photo that i've already edited in my next post, ok?

i think that's all for now, and till then

salam and bye bye bye

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