Tuesday, November 10, 2009

of raya mood and producing video

salam and hi to all,

the “raya” spirit is very high now that most of us has already went back home and there are only few peoples left in the class. they all went back home so that they could spend time with their family besides preparing for the BIG day. sadly, i was still here, the need to attend classes still buggering me with the responsibility to hold as student.

as the class looked empty, hence not much things were done except for the discussion for the video which we were required to do with our partner. me and name has agreed to change the topic to “WHAT’S UM TO YOU” since we thought that this topic is interesting and exciting rather than our previous topic. we had to change and start all over again, but i guess, this is not a problem for us since we ourselves willing to do it.

besides collecting materials and ideas for our very own video, we also brainstorm the idea a bit so that we can come out with a good one. naem reminded me not to forget to show our new draft to mdm foziah so that we could listen to her opinion. it was very important since her permission will determine where our video project would go ^_^

after we showed her our latest draft, she agreed and we felt very happy about it, she then decided to let us go back early at 11.30 am. we was very happy since some of us will go back to our hometown on that very evening.
before that, i want to wish all
i think that's all for now

till then,
salam and bye bye bye

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