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the sum up of all :)

in this last entry, i will reflects on my journey while i am sailing through this PBEY 3102. ENJOY reading !

What do you like about blogging?

First of all, I like reading other people’s blogs and this has created an interest within me to create my own blog. I do have my own blog other than this and it was created not very long ago, before I enter this class. Hence, when Mdm. Foziah told us that we need to create a blog to pour any feelings and reflects on the class, I was quite excited to hear it. I never thought that blogging will become parts of my learning platform and was actually another coursework which I collect marks from it.

Blogging offers us many benefits and I like the features that it provides us place to pour out feelings or reflects on anything we see, hear, think, talk and even receive! This is also platform where we can share what we have with each others. I came across many blogs before and there is one thing that I found COMMON in every blog, they tell things from their own perspectives and what’s the differences is the way the tell the story ~ some people use a really witty and sarcastic way while some are comfortable to be direct to the point. Well, this is the thing which I like most about blogging. It’s authenticity where we got to tell others what we feel from our own perspectives!

When I reread what I had wrote in my last entries, I can see the development of learning and this really gives me the insight to do well in my learning, so that i will be able to develop more and more each days.

Besides that, blog also provide us the opportunity to decorate our own blog according to our preferences. There are many funky and beautiful decoration can be found in the net besides other application which is really exciting such as we can share our songs online, pictures, updates on ourselves and lots more!!

What you do not like about blogging?

Although blogs provides us with many interesting features, but I guess, it is not as friendly as Windows Live do. I found out that I face difficulties when I want to put pictures or even video songs in it. It was quite a frustrating experience to see my entries gone when I mistakenly press wrong key. Oh! This really upset me very much.

To be able to sign in to, we need internet connection. Hence, when there is no connection available, and we got so many things to tell and do in the blog, it has really pushed me to the maximum. This is one thing that we cannot afford to do unless if we have superpowers that can make it work although without internet connection.

Besides that, it was quite tedious for us to check on our friends updates unless we have their blog address. But, problems will occur when we do not have the address since we won’t be able to know or read the updates on their blog. as i said earlier, blog was not really friendly in the sense that it does not really connect us with each other unlike other social networking application such as Facebook, twitter and Friendster.

What have you gained from blogging? eg. Language skills, improved fluency, critical thinking, improved thought processes, technology skills etc.

I realized that I gained a lot from blogging! I was able to improve my language especially my writing skills besides sharpen my critical justifications as well as creative thinking. Besides that, not to forget, my technology skills too.

As we need to write an entry each week regarding the class we attend, indirectly it helps me to write better and better from days to days. This is because I will be able to learn new words besides have to think on what to write each week. i need to always organize all the knowledge i get and since i need to do it weekly, hence when it comes to write it was like a breeze where i don’t need much time on thinking what to write for each post. i just simply open my blog and start to pour all the knowledge i learn and know. Besides that, i also need to really understanding each topic thoroughly so that I will be able to write my reflections on each class I attended.

Moreover, i also get the chance to sharpen my critical judgment and justifications since i will be able to see other people’s view on certain things. This gives me opportunity to see thing differently and from other people’s shoe. So, it teaches me to be open to any opinion regarding certain things.

In terms of creative thinking skills, I am able to decorate my own pages with my own preferences; hence it does improve my creative skills since I need to decorate it as beautiful as I can so as to attract other peoples to read it.

What do you like about this course?

One thing that i find very interesting about this course is that it gives me chances to learn about different software used to edit audio and video and even teach me on how to make my own movies using various softwares. I also learn on how to edit pictures and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it very much.

i know that i am not very good in using internet, hence by learning this course, i get to know things i do not know before such as how to download videos, extracting files and even how to upload videos! heh~ i guess, there’s a lot of things that I’m ignorant before so by involving in this course, it has really gives me something!

Another thing that I like was the video making process. I do not sleep just to make sure I really satisfied with the product. at last, it turned out to be quite well and i am proud to say that i am able to create my own video now! hehe :P .No matter what it is, I really ENJOY learning this course!

What you do not like about this course?

i would say the workloads. i find it quite too much since we are not only taking this subject for this semester, but we also have other subjects to be covered too. It is quite stressful to always have to complete and do things which would not really benefit us at the end. i know that the portfolio given is to make us to be well versed in those skills but sometimes it did not really show us the skills that we need to master.

What have you learnt from this course?

There are lots of things that i find very beneficial and can bring this knowledge when i am out for teaching later. This course really helps me in preparing me as a future teacher in terms of using and developing resources and technology in the classroom. i get to learn on how to develop teaching aids using various sources such as videos, audios, flash cards and even e-book. Besides that, i also can brush up my skills in using internet as well as learn new things. if before this i did not really know on how to upload videos or extract files from the net, but now, i am proud to tell that all those things are at my fingertips! :P this knowledge is like a treasure for me to be applied later.

What have you learnt from this course that you did not expect to?

at first i thought that i will only learn about how to integrate and use technology in classroom which is quite similar to one of subjects that i am taking this semester. but, it turns out to be really different and i am very grateful that i have this opportunity to have learn this much. i think, if it is not this course that i am learning from, i would still be be using the hand made teaching aids besides will still afraid when it comes to technological world. i do admit that some of the software being introduced in this subject is like an ALIEN for me but now, i guess i am able to name and even use them on my own.

What have you expected but do not learn from this course?

the software that has been introduce to us did not really serve its purpose since we did not being taught on how to use it. we also have to discover them on our own which i find it quite tedious and difficult. i also did not expect that we will be applying the hands-on methodology to the maximum since most of the work done in the class requires us to do and experience on our own.

If you can change anything about this course, state what is and elaborate?

i would say the way we are being evaluated where some of the work done is not being given marks and some of us think that it is such a waste where we already give our very best in doing it. besides that, i think it is better if we stay in the same group since some of us already comfortable with each other’s style of working and having to rotate group will give us problems.

On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate your computing and technological skills for both before and after undergoing the course.

i would say before undergoing the course, my computing and technological skills is only 5 but now, after undergo the course, my skill might be improved to 8.

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salam and bye bye bye to all,
lecturer, Mdm Foziah and
not to forget,

PBEY 3102

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