Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Salam and hi to all

Its 12th week now and i have to admit that time flies really fast! Without i realize it, it has been 12 week since i step my foot in UM and i have to agree that i do get different experiences here if compared to college. This new learning environment has never failed to make me wants to explore and learn more and more, day by day.

This was quite a nice week since we need to submit the video done today! YEAY! At last, the awaited moment has arrived. i can’t seem to be patient anymore since all the hard work will hopefully be paid off now ^_^

We also had uploaded all our video in the group’s YouTube Channel where other people will be able to have access to them too. After waited for Mdm Foziah to enter the class, as usual, we carried out our own activity while some people are busy altering their videos and the tutorials. HUH! i guess, i can now breathe with all my heart since i know that we had gave our very best in this video making process. THANKS TO NAEM for being my video partner, he’s done a great job and i’m looking forward to work with him later ^_^ v

i also would like to THANK all my cohort mates~ fiera, hakim, shikin, nine, idzy, syah, alif, tina, fendy, shima, choo, yati and all cohort 4 for making our video a success. and to those extra actors and actresses whom helped us a lot, don’t worry because sooner or later, there’ll be someone from the production house will call you to go for audition :P

it was very enjoyable and exciting to get to watch each other’s video together in the class. of course there are critiques or comments or praise from our friends, but i guess we need to take it positively and regard that as part of learning process. from what i watched that day, i know that most of my friends do have hidden talent and they are just too shy to show it to us! and i have to admit here that THEY’VE DONE GREAT JOB!

This learning experience will surely help us later when we are out for teaching practice or become a real teacher. There are lots of things that can be done by using this new knowledge i get and that e should always practice it with the students. it is a skill which need to be learn by heart and not something which always bothering us later.

i think, i’ve babbled too much here,

till then

salam and bye bye bye

till we meet again in my next post ^_^

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